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Colour is Key

Reinforce and make your message and your branding more memorable with recognisable colour. The key to successful customer attention and retention is from a short cut through colour.

How important is colour? Colour doesn’t really matter if you’re down a mineshaft or in a cave at night with no moon, no stars and no lights on.

Whatever colour you work with as part of your company image, you should reinforce it by a constant use of that colour – providing an easy association for whenever your marketing materials reach your customers or prospects.
Using colour adds to recognition and recall which is why Taxis are yellow, Coke continues to be red, Shell stays as Yellow and Red, BP remains green and gold and Minuteman press continues with Orange and Green. So use colour to reinforce your image everyday. In your printing, your office signage and even throughout your office.
Here at Minuteman CBD, we maintain a record of all your printing to ensure your colour remains the same, whenever we print for you. Now certified under the Truly Colour imprimatur, endorsed through ISO12647, we are even more determined to bring some colour – the right colour – into your life. Everything we print is compared visually to the proof. The criteria of colour, gradation, highlighted details, image definition in the shadows, resolution, smoothness and gloss are judged. The technical aspect of Truly Colour is embedded in our workflow so that:
• Printing to ISO_12647 is achieved and repeatable
• Illumination is standardised and tracked to ISO_3664
• PDF files are standardised in creation to ISO_15930 as well as colour management workflow standardised to ICC.1:2004-10.

For more info on Truly Colour visit www